Thursday, June 26, 2014


This image taken at Bluesfest on the last of our three bigs shows there over Easter 2014 is actually the final bow for Series 12, the last moment of the RocKwiz cast being together on stage recording for TV this year. 

It has been a fabulous series and we hope you have enjoyed watching it, and we look forward to bringing you more episodes, and live events, in the near future. 

In the meantime you can stay up to date with us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM and you can watch the series via SBS ON-DEMAND. 

Here are the Series 12 artists with links to the ON-DEMAND episodes.

154 RocKwiz Salutes Vanda and Young
Dan Sultan/Ella Thompson/Owl Eyes
156 Steve Smyth/Juanita Stein/Mondo Rock
155 Isabella Manfredi/Steven Cummings/Georgi Kay.
159 Continental Robert/Ms Murphy/Suze Demarchi.
160 Declan Melia/Olivia Bartley/Sweet Jean.
158 Kurt Vile/Phoebe Baker/Iva Davies
161 Billy Bragg/Courtney Barnett/Ngaiire
162 Pieta Brown/Marlon Williams/Tina Arena
163 Mikelangelo/Colleen Hewett/Megan Washington
166 Garland Jeffreys/Kira Puru/Sally Seltmann
165 Heidi Lenffer/Sam Margin/Daryl Braithwaite
164 Russell Morris/Fiona Boyes/Frente
167 Bluesfest Special
168 BluesFest Documentary

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